Let’s Go!

Hi and welcome!

First and foremost, thanks for visiting.

This is the first time I’m actually posting on my blog so let me go ahead and introduce myself.
My name is Jessica. Most commonly referred to as Jess or Jay. “I’m Jess Wandering” – owner and blogger. A little cliché, but hey, I’m ‘just’ always wandering, both physically and mentally. You’ll see. I’m 27 years young at the time of this post. My greatest love goes out to my 3 year old daughter and my puppy son. Nothing compares.

Just a quick insight as to where I’ll be adventuring with this blog; mainly my interests, how my heart feels, struggles, being a mother, and anything in between.

Some things may be too serious, a tad raw, and even a little vexatious, but it’ll be unapologetically me.

A bit of background:
Why do people blog? I’ve always wondered why.
So for me, it’s an outlet. A sense of releasing through the keyboard. I don’t have to face you. I don’t have to witness your reactions. I don’t have to feel intimated to share my thoughts.
I’ve always been a people pleaser. I please everyone else above my self. I have never minded. You being happy makes me happy. I can put on the smile. Pretend it’s all good. If something I share brings but one person a chance to have hope, feel joy, or acknowledge that the best person to be is you, I’m happy.
I’ve recently promised to always be me, unapologetically me that is.
Trying not to care what others think, with being direct, but not blunt. To not say sorry for how I feel. (They say it’s basically saying sorry for being real.) And just find the core of my happiness, in me, by me, and not putting it into hand of anyone else.

Feel free to question or comment, praise or critique, anything.

Enjoy 🙂